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Driven by the convergence of blockchain, AI and 5G, a new business model will be created over the Internet. The blockchain network provides a basic protocol for data market governance, which could easily make the value exchange between distributed nodes . Based on the blockchain , data are distributed and resource have been separated from market,and the portion of data controlled by Internet companies has been declined. In the circumstances, Turing fog was born. In the near future, Turingfog will connect distributed GPU computational power through the 5G network to build the solid AI computing infrastructure for the next generation Internet.

About TuringFog

About TuringFog

We propose a concept of the cloud-integrated Turing Fog , which aims to connect all free GPUs over the Internet, Integrate them as huge AI Computing Power pool using Turing Fog technology, and provide them to AI companies, individuals, institutes and universities with acceptable price. Thus, the business model of Turing Fog will produce the enormous economic value in AI ecosystem. In the future, Turing Fog will provide services for various AI businesses, include AI training & Inference, large graphics rendering, VR, AR (Augmented Reality) / MR (Mixed Reality), games Cloud, and fog-based service platform for tactile Internet, real-time applications, etc.


TuringFog IEO Theme

Excellent AI infrastructure platform driven by BlockChain

TuringFog combines cloud and fog computing with blockchain technology to build a cloud-assisted/complementary AI infrastructure platform to realize the sharing of physical resources such as computational & inference power and other AI related facilities, thus we can easily adapt to various AI application scenarios.

Unified interface of computational power aggregation

The unified interface of computational power joining, TF supports various GPU integration capabilities in the market. Partners can share computational power to TF in one click, and the revenue can be seen in real-time.

First proposed CP measuring unit

Turing Fog defines the GPU measuring unit of computational power consumption: the Turing Unit (TU). Simply speaking, one TU equals the 24-hour continuous computational power of the GPU GTX 1080 Ti

SLA is completely guaranteed

The Turing Fog Unified Scheduling System assigns tasks to the most appropriate nodes according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) and real-time dynamic optimization strategies.

The best High availability solution serving AI industry

Through the block-based economic model of the blockchain, Turing Fog realizes the de-intermediation and frictionless value flow of the computing market, and provides more competitive AI training & inference power , AI facilities and other fundament resources to the AI market by activating idle resources and intensive operations.

Innovative economic model build sustainable ecosystem

Using Turing Fog's self-developed scheduling platform-----TFSC(TuringFog Scheduling Center), it can achieve second-level expansion of computational power, environment migration, automatic model deployment, and other functions, which saves users a lot of time and greatly improves system availability.


Huge and Diverse Market

OpenAI release

Demand for computational power has grown more than 300,000 times since 2012

our way

Road Map

July 2016
complete infrastructure computing-node mangment system devlopment
August 2016
complete GPU node management system devlopment
February 2017
complete Distributed accounting system development
November 2017
complete TuringFog Scheduling Center establishment
February 2018
complete TF Elastic Distributed Network establishment
December 2018
complete Hyper Data Persistence Service devlopment
March 2019
complete AI Training&Inference Service devlopment
April 2020
Preparing for Open Beta launch. Basic Employment Smart Contracts Templates Development.
October 2020
complete the web UI devlopment
Q4 2020
complete Token payment system devlopment

Mobile app

TuringFog App

Our APP client is not only a digital wallet, but also can open and use AI computational resources online and monitor the operation of tasks. You can also share coupons with your friends and get rewards yourself.

Awesome services

How it Works?

Buy Token

User can easily buy TFT from Exchange


Transfer TFT to the wallet of TuringFog official website


Exchange TFT to TU as the unit of GPU power usage


User choose the suitable GPU instance on our web and rent it by using TU

Our data

Token Distribution

69.5% AI Power Mining




Early Investors





  • Name: TFT ERC20
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap 1,000,000 USDT
Soft cap 400,000 USDT
Cost of 1 TFT Token 0.1 USDT
  • New Token emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Not held
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 1 USDT / 9999 USDT
  • Whitelist: No
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Frequency Asked Questions

  • What's the meaning of TU as a computational measuring unit?

    Turing Fog first proposed the AI ​​calculation unit, which will significantly change the business model of AI computational power market . it turns intangible computational resources into tradable goods. Not only is it convenient for AI users to purchase and calculate power, but for miners, TU will become the unified standard for calculating power resources.

  • Why TF use a deflationary economic model?

    The deflationary economic model can force the value of TFT to be in a rising trend for a long term, thereby it will effectively attract more GPU miners to provide high-quality computational power to the TF network continuously.

  • why do team and foundation not pre-mine tokens?

    For the long-term health and stable development of the TF community and ecosystem, the team and the foundation did not have Token at the beginning of the project. Only when the user actually uses the AI ​​power on the TuringFog network to generate Token destruction, the smart contract will unlock a certain percentage of token to TF team & foundation according to the amount of actual AI power consumption. this mechanism will drive the team and the fundation to focus on the user‘s experience of TF product and the market development , which makes the same expectation with TF investors.

  • Why dose TF use the delivery mode of futures?

    Token investors are isolated from AI developers. The price fluctuation of TFT does not affect the purchase behavior of our users. Once TF Token is transfered to TU ,the value becomes relatively static and will not be affected by fluctuations in market prices.

  • Why is TF Token destroyed once it is bought for computational power consumption?

    The nature of the Token issued by TuringFog is sustainable value-increased stocks. By using the policy of token destruction, the value can be transferred to the circulating Token, which is equivalent to providing dividends to the Token holder.

  • Why do TF team post the financial information periodly ?

    Due to the lack of regulatory agencies in the blockchain sector, in order to ensure that all funds are used for project development, the TuringFog Foundation decide to regularly disclose financial information to every investor, which are monitored by community in real time, and make sure that the project is running on the open, fair,health and transparent way.

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